SOCIAL JUSTICE Discussion Group


Cecilie Hamnes Carlsen


Anyone with an interest in social justice, the societal impact of language assessments, and the profound effects these tests have on the lives and opportunities of those who take them. Our discussion group adopts a critical perspective on language testing.

Următoarea întâlnire: 

Thursday 11th April 2024, Bad Homburg, Germany

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Current work

During the ALTE 8th International Conference in Madrid, April 2023, a Social Justice Forum took place. Please click here to see the programme of the event.

The video recordings of the presentations of the Social Justice Forum in Madrid are also available here.

Focusul nostru:

The Social Justice Discussion Group provides a platform for professionals to engage in discussions concerning the place, role, and consequences of language tests in various societal contexts and for diverse stakeholder groups. Our meetings are interactive, fostering group discussions and active participation. The group aims to heighten awareness of ethical considerations in testing practices and address social justice concerns inherent in our professional domain.

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