In order to make the symposium as engaging as possible, sessions will be in different formats to vary the pace and style. ALTE very much values interaction between participants and these different formats, along with the VR platform, will enable greater networking and a community feel. All these sessions take place on the exVo platform, using the Chrome browser: simply "walk" from session to session!

Plenary Sessions take place in the 'Main Hall' in our virtual conference centre; at other times there will be a choice of two or three parallel sessions which may be workshops or other types of presentations.

Plenary Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to welcome four keynote speakers who will present in plenary about a key issue to safeguard to future of multilingual language assessment in a Covid and post-Covid world. More information about the plenary speakers can be found here. We really value their contributions.

Featured Organisations 

ALTE collaborates with other European and international organisations. We have invited representatives from Eaquals, Council of Europe (Education Policy Division, and ECML) and the OECD to tell us how they are helping to safeguard the post-Covid future of multilingual language education and assessment.

Panel Sessions

Academics, researchers and practitioners from different institutions and backgrounds will discuss topics that ALTE supports in a panel format, which will include time for Q&A. Look out for sessions on learning oriented assessment, less widely tested languages and ALTE's Principles of Good Practice. 

Interactive Workshop Discussions

Invited speakers will present an important topic in language testing in the Covid era. There will then be a chance to discuss in small groups, ask questions and share good practice. Topics include remote proctoring, addressing inclusivity, GDPR, standard setting in the Covid world, supporting our teachers, the CEFR and more...

Invited Presentations

ALTE has invited speakers to give a short 20 minute presentation on an important issue in today's world of language assessment. Some relate to technology (eye-tracking, personalised assessment), some to specific domains (e.g. aviation, sign language), and much more besides!

LAMI Workshop

ALTE's Language Assessment for Migration and Integration (LAMI) SIG invites you to a forum for engagement, discussion and expert opinion on implementing language assessment in migration and integration contexts.

Scholarship Winners

For our 7th International Conference, which sadly could not go ahead, new researchers were able to compete to win ALTE scholarships. We have invited the winners to give a short presentation as well as being ready to informally talk about their work at a scholarship winners' booth.

Sponsored Presentations

The ALTE 1st Digital Symposium and its low delegate rates could only happen thanks to our special sponsors. Presentations by our sponsors will feature their unique work and contribution to the language assessment field. 

Exhibitor Booths

Be sure to visit the booths in the main virtual auditorium to learn about our sponsors' products and services, download information and chat to representatives about how they are helping to safeguard the future of multilingual assessment. 

Rooftop Bar

Relax in our virtual rooftop bar where our social activities will happen, or simply use it as a space to catch up with an old friend, or meet a new one! 

Quiet Zone

If you need to remain in the conference but need to take a break for any reason at all, do visit the Quiet Zone for a peaceful "do not disturb"  opportunity.

ALTE - Asociația Testatorilor de Limbi din Europa este o asociație non-profit (CIO), înregistrată în Anglia, numărul 1184799.

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